Your Standards in Life define you!

Its so true, isn’t it? It is not about raising or lowering your standards in life, but what you can adhere to. By sticking to your guns, it becomes you. Everyone might not have an instant liking towards you, but they can and will distinctly understand, eventually, that “this” is the person you are and that  “these” things surely cannot be applied to you. Then there always will be people who will pose as a challenge to you, by giving you a tough time, by coming in your way. By testing your limits. Now trust me, these types are actually with high sense of pride and big inflated egos, and who just cannot stand someone with their own bearing and self-worth. I hate to make this a yet another gender issue, but to a large extent it is. Men amongst men and women too in their own domains tend to back-off and swallow their vanities in midst of ones who stand by their line. But again, remarkable as it may seem, in many instances, people of the same gender might not appreciate on who maintains ethics.

Set your limits!

There comes a time when you have to draw a line. It can be about anything. Mostly, about major areas in life. It is the point till which you can comfortably stretch yourself. The moment you are trying to extend yourself for the sake of others – yes yes, its the ones you love – you can try several times, but slowly, you will start unsettling yourself and disliking the fact. Now, I am not talking about small, petty and irrelevant matters where you can handle things with a little bit of diplomacy or bending an iota, but about the larger chunks of behaviour and attitude you can accept and take.

Draw the line, stand your ground and do not waver. Otherwise, you can sway in any way the world wants you. There are such type of people too, surely, but these have an undermined sense of self-worth and no notable character. They’re happy to please important ones around them, as long as it suits their purpose. End of the day, it is what matters to you the most and how you can deal with it. And its all about accepting the other person the way he or she is, without greatly trying to change them for your selfish motives.