My First Expert – My Mom


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Isn’t it but obvious that any child’s mother is his first teacher, parent, modifier, adapter and hence the first and a lifetime expert. For as long as one can recollect, a mother is the first human a child learns to instinctively react, respond and connect with. From a small scratch to an irrelevant fall, from a dislike in taste to a relishing aroma, from a demand to a request to pleading – in all there is the first thought of our mother. We intuitively know and surrender to her being our prime most need in our lives.

My mom has been my strength in all times. I see her as my pillar of support, both mentally as well as emotionally. She has been a spiritual ladder for me too. It is because of the values she has so carefully ingrained in me and nurtured me into the human being that I am today; that I am a strong, assertive and a clear-headed individual. For as long as I can remember, I have never seen her as a weak or an indecisive person.  She is a positive, strong, virtuous, and dutiful and an honest woman I have ever come across. Standing by her decisions, completing her duties in a timely fashion, attending to everyone’s needs and her own too are the true values I have inculcated. Being with her makes you see clarity and objectivity in all things around. Another thing I have learnt as an important takeaway is to be clearly responsible for your actions. She has also taught me to be a balanced and a proportionate girl.  Being my friend first, showing me to trust her, to being a strict parent – she has handled all roles with elan.

Teaching me to take care of myself along with the rest of the people in the house has been a great learning. This is because I see many other women who do not take care of themselves before others and either forget or put themselves in the last, ending in misery, suffering and not to mention, ill-health. And most of all, blaming others always for what occurs with you.

Discipline and punctuality are other crucial factors I have imbibed through her. These go a long way in making you socially and morally responsible. Again, a child first learns what he sees his parents do. If parents adapt a lazy and laid-back attitude, the children are bound to pick them up.

Another important lesson has been in giving your own self a lot of love and respect. This seems simple again but in reality, to get respected and valued and loved starts with gifting these attributes to oneself first and then expecting from others. And that too, not being dependant on others always. She always made me feel wanted and secure, loved and cared for in ways words cannot describe. It’s the loveliest feeling to be a treasured and a valued daughter.

Value of money and all material things; respecting another living being; gender equality; respect for food  – the list goes endless in the things I have learnt from her and am still learning. She is my soul companion, of that I am sure and I cannot do without her, ever.


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