Start A New Life – A Big Leap in Time

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As I look back, it reminds me that moving ahead by taking a big step can become a huge and an impactful game changer. After completing my graduation, I took a year’s course in interior designing. And due to the changing times, Hyderabad was seeing a rapid development in the IT side, as more and more new and international corporate firms started establishing themselves in the BPO sectors. With this pace, it was that either I jump the bandwagon or pursue a course in MS in the US, both of which were seeming not possible with the family setup I was brought up in.

Coming from a modern in outlook, yet traditional in a thought-perspective kind of a background, these options seemed really unachievable. Yet, I was not going to pull up my knees and sit tight, waiting for marriage to happen soon. With my parents consent, I started giving interviews, till I learnt that most technical side of the job openings required a night shift. And as I was geared in that stream in my graduate studies, I did not want to undermine my capabilities by joining a non-technical call-center. Hopeful that all corporate companies will not demand so, I continued to scout and give interviews to suit my requirements of distance and working hours. But to my dismay, all the organizations I was interested in, had job openings in the night. This was logical as for the USA companies establishing in India, the time-difference was bound to be there.

Now, no one in the family had ever started working – as that would mean – Is the income level less so that the daughter has to work? Or – there was no ‘or’ actually. That was the first thought that any elder would have. The next hurdle would be – the “night-shift”. ‘However can you allow that? It’s a girl, for God-sake. And what about your reputation and prestige?”. These unspoken yet expected thoughts were streaming through my mind all along.

It was time to make up my mind – either be a run-of-the-mill kind of an eligible girl or join the crowd with elan and be proud of my achievements. So, I decided to stick to my guns and convince my parent that it was either going to be studying abroad or staying in the city, under their scanner and joining a prestigious global organization (I had already cleared an interview by then). They reluctantly agreed as pitched forth a lot of sensible talk that they have been so broad-minded and understanding so far and having achieved top rank in my graduation, it’s logical to start a flourishing career before I eventually get married.

The highlight of this true story is that, once I started working, in a few years, all my other cousins lavishly started working as if it was the natural transition. For one, I was greatly happy to inspire and positively influence all the cousins in my family by taking a big risk and starting a new life for myself and others in the process. This paved a wide path for many and options today are ever so varied and interesting. The momentum keeps going…

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