A Child of all Ages…



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There is no truer fact that absolutely healthy and happy children make a wonderful home. It also goes the other way round, that children thrive on happiness around them, and hence the home’s ambience has to be lively and exuberant for the child’s to be so too. People are of all kinds. There are several we’ve seen who only look for external factors that can affect the child’s jubilation – healthy foods are on top of the list along with basic necessities such as clothes, toys, extra classes for additional skill sets etc. but is your child truly content and glad from deep within? As a child can only think so far – what can make him happy – a candy/toy/book?

You have to teach your child to learn to be happy with himself and his surroundings in a general setting of environment. Now that is not asking him/her to be tolerant of any or all forms of disapproving behaviors or immoralities, to learn to accept all that comes his way with a smile. No. In the general walk of daily routine normal life if he/she is more accepting then it will nurture him wonderfully – without the peaks and valleys, so to say. You as a parent have set the rules; show them the ground realities they can easily garner. These traits go a long way to establish a healthy and a beautiful being – a child of all ages, at all ages.

Why I am saying this is, if you’ll notice in today’s time, there is a general discontent in the air. Nobody seems genuinely satisfied or happy. Everyone relates their happiness quotient to a particular want – “If I had this, I would be much happier.” This thought pattern has also extended to the next generation – our prodigy. And again it goes both ways, we expect from our children, push them to learn a particular art, sport or musical instrument or say a language so as to boast or feel pride that we have an accomplished son or daughter and they expect us parents to get them physical things – a favorite toy maybe. This becomes an unending loop. It’s not that we should not expect from each other, but this relationship should be nurtured in a more loving, emotional and mental bonding. More than physical health what actually determines a healthy state is the State of the Mind. A hug, a peck on the cheek, relating before having to say – these are the characteristics which will always keep them happy for a lifetime. Impart meaningful values of compassion, kindness, joy, love, the gifts of giving and sharing to transform happy children to happy adults.


2 thoughts on “A Child of all Ages…

  1. Agreed and well said

    We do live in a materialistic world unfortunately and to top it off we are all trying to not be a part of a Rat race .. so having this sort of mindset while raising kids will help them inculcate a positive attitude towards life

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