The Fascinating World of Movies!

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The world of movies is such a fascinating, interesting, inspiring, convincing, deceiving…oh the list is endless. Personally, its who you are which determines what kind of genre attracts you. Its such a vast kaleidoscope out there to pick from. and there are more and more thrilling ones added on almost each new day. Its as if a new bud is blooming – today- everyday. One goes, another gets added. From drama to action to comedy, romance, thrillers, adventure, fantasy, horror, war etc

Its a bit misleading to watch them unless you have an open and a mature mindset. But nonetheless, it keeps you occupied in the infinite possibilities and objectivities of happenings, surrealism, partiality – where you have to choose who’s right, story-lines, common mistakes made in the flow of narration. Also, noteworthy are the efforts put in by cinematographers, writers, director, music, graphics and so on. Another line-up of contributors to reckon. So much goes in the making of one motion picture. If the movie fails to achieve its target, its such a loss of so many joint endeavours. Feels like a thankless job, after so many inputs.

Another vein is to hook up to the audience. To create an entire package that will create a wow factor in nearly all aspects. Such are the wonders of the invention of cinema.

Watch out!


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