Happiness is a choice!

Staying and keeping yourself ‘Happy’ is a primary motive in today’s bleakly healthy survival. Its more of a choice than an option I would say. Because, it all depends upon you. You can whimper and whine hanging about in the room of your past or work yourself up for staying in the future by expecting and planning but the baseline should be feeling good and fulfilled. Be it your possessions, achievements or anything else – you take the plunge to be happy always, you will be, no matter what. Be with vibrant, bubbly, happy people, you are bound to take off some of their charm and habits and cultivate into your own style.



Image Credit: www.blisstree.com

What do we get by being happy?

Think for yourself, you’ll be much more:

  1. Alive
  2. Content
  3. Looking forward to the new
  4. Feeling good about yourself
  5. Spreading your charm and influencing people the right way.
  6. Carry an inner glow of satisfaction.
  7. Lead a balanced perspective
  8. Will not get agitated easily – develop self-control
  9. Less stress, more healthy

Gains are countless. After all, who likes to stay with a complaining, or a morose or a dull person. This also calls for a fact that you might have to associate with happier set of friends or associates and disconnecting with your old ones, But don’t worry there, once you step into this happy mode, your old set will either wear-off if they can’t stand you, or will transform into the newer joyful versions to join the crowd with you. 

Time to change!





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