DIY Lemon Hair Rinse


Post the cleansing ritual, we generally use a conditioner to balance our hair and scalp’s ph ratio and to maintain in so for a day or two. Conditioner is also used for shine, silkiness, and boost and to form a protective layer for damage control.

Here’s the WHAT ALL:

  1. Juice of one Lemon (strained of course)
  2. ¾ cup of filtered water

Just mix the above tog. And rinse post shampooing. Leave it for a minute and rinse again with plain water. Use it preferably at room temperature for excellent results. Towel dry your hair.

The WHYs

  • Lemon makes your hair shiny, thick, strong and dandruff-free (who wants to have dandruff after all).
  • It’s a superb degreaser and hence useful for those who have oily hair/scalp.
  • Its fruity and tangy fragrance leaves hair scrubbed clean with a wonderful lingering scent.

Note: Lemon naturally lightens the colour of your hair over a period of time. Those who wish to avoid can check out The Vinegar Rinse or The Beer Bounce Rinse. (I will update these shortly.)


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