Question your Sons!

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Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi did aptly say in his historic Independence Day speech (2014) to question your sons about their whereabouts, where they are going, when will they get back home etc to reduce the crime level against the women in our country. These disciplinary acts need to be taken up by women and for women. There is a twisted view in the way these crimes have suddenly shot up in the country. Its saddening to say that we women have brought this upon ourselves, little by little, over a long period of time. It has been a gradual bending and pushing of ourselves down in such a slow manner, over millenniums, that it has taken a toll in the recent decades.

Women were an equal and respected part of our society, similar to men. Till we had the caste system and then gender inequalities and finally female foeticide. Inch by inch, we have been giving way to these so called ‘upper hands’ to deal us in the way they please.

Moral of the story remains same: take back the power which we have so trustingly and dutifully given away as alms. Whatever said and done, a child is raised by his mother primarily. So if she instils respect, care, equality for the opposite sex, we’d never be facing this today. She should teach her son/s to be respectful and to share(mind you! not give) an equal stage with women. But NO, she being a woman first adheres to the patriarchal format brought down by traditions and does not attempt to make the men in her family face what they have wronged against. Its beyond her, you see.    

A lot has been said and done about this. Its time to take the reins and act for it. Teach sons humility and daughters strength and courage to deal with adverse situations.

BRING A CHANGE IN YOUR BRINGING UP! and you will see a huge difference in the society we live in.


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