The Fairer Sex, really? Showtime then!

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We’ve always been called the fairer sex and being taken advantage of too, almost all the time.  Be it the lower strata of society, where they end up penalizing women for not being docile or middle to higher sections where they expect a lot of yielding and easily accommodating to all superior and male behests. Men simply can’t stand equal or stronger women, especially in a few countries. I shall restrain myself to talking about India here. The male sentiments and patriarchy has not changes much since ages, although you will see slight moderations and maneuvers here and there. The moment she takes two steps instead of one (more allowed like a huge favor), she invites trouble.


But the worse it can get is what is happening today with rapes and the fear that they will be murdered. It is high time that this country needs stricter laws with high amount of penalizing such as hanging to death if proven or castrating the offenders. The only way it looks now is the scare and fear option to bring back the balance on the streets.


Another thing which gets me is that why do we have to be so dependant, in distress, helpless and forlorn. We blame others easily – perpetrators, law enforcement agencies, and people we know who could have helped in the situation et al. Why don’t we take measures to safeguard and protect ourselves? Walk in groups(though it is not possible always, it can be done a fair amount of times), carry a weapon to attack(pepper spray, a small stick etc) Learn a skill – martial arts, karate, taekwondo, build muscle and most important – STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES in all situations. Charity begins at home and it will take a few in-the-face spats but it is ok to learn to stand and then to walk. It’s a step-by-step procedure.


Only if we BELIEVE, we will be able TO DO IT! So make yourself not only fairer but STRONGER as well. Leave no room for offenses.


2 thoughts on “The Fairer Sex, really? Showtime then!

  1. I agree with you completely. I have always hated the way men consider women as weak. On the same time I also hate the way women consider themselves helpless, vulnerable and dependent on others. Just like you say, you can do anything if you believe in yourself.

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