Happiness is a choice!

Staying and keeping yourself ‘Happy’ is a primary motive in today’s bleakly healthy survival. Its more of a choice than an option I would say. Because, it all depends upon you. You can whimper and whine hanging about in the room of your past or work yourself up for staying in the future by expecting and planning but the baseline should be feeling good and fulfilled. Be it your possessions, achievements or anything else – you take the plunge to be happy always, you will be, no matter what. Be with vibrant, bubbly, happy people, you are bound to take off some of their charm and habits and cultivate into your own style.



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What do we get by being happy?

Think for yourself, you’ll be much more:

  1. Alive
  2. Content
  3. Looking forward to the new
  4. Feeling good about yourself
  5. Spreading your charm and influencing people the right way.
  6. Carry an inner glow of satisfaction.
  7. Lead a balanced perspective
  8. Will not get agitated easily – develop self-control
  9. Less stress, more healthy

Gains are countless. After all, who likes to stay with a complaining, or a morose or a dull person. This also calls for a fact that you might have to associate with happier set of friends or associates and disconnecting with your old ones, But don’t worry there, once you step into this happy mode, your old set will either wear-off if they can’t stand you, or will transform into the newer joyful versions to join the crowd with you. 

Time to change!





DIY Lemon Hair Rinse

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Post the cleansing ritual, we generally use a conditioner to balance our hair and scalp’s ph ratio and to maintain in so for a day or two. Conditioner is also used for shine, silkiness, and boost and to form a protective layer for damage control.

Here’s the WHAT ALL:

  1. Juice of one Lemon (strained of course)
  2. ¾ cup of filtered water

Just mix the above tog. And rinse post shampooing. Leave it for a minute and rinse again with plain water. Use it preferably at room temperature for excellent results. Towel dry your hair.

The WHYs

  • Lemon makes your hair shiny, thick, strong and dandruff-free (who wants to have dandruff after all).
  • It’s a superb degreaser and hence useful for those who have oily hair/scalp.
  • Its fruity and tangy fragrance leaves hair scrubbed clean with a wonderful lingering scent.

Note: Lemon naturally lightens the colour of your hair over a period of time. Those who wish to avoid can check out The Vinegar Rinse or The Beer Bounce Rinse. (I will update these shortly.)

DIY Honey Basil Tea Shampoo

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To have a clean dirt and odour-free scalp and hair, it’s very healthy to switch to a home-made cleanser at least every alternate days for best results. For a person like me who works-out everyday (except weekends, due to kids being home), using a regular marketed shampoo daily strips my hair of the shine plus natural oils and makes my hair dry, frizzy and duller looking. And with any physical activity of 45 mins, by the end of it we do feel smelly and sticky all over. So as our body needs a bath to freshen up, it’s just advisable to wash your hair with a natural cleanser than suds-based all the time.

Here’s WHAT I do (and guilt-free plus pleasurably):

  1. ¼ cup filtered water (if you do not have a filter, boiled water would do)
  2. A small pinch of tea leaves
  3. 1 tbsp Honey
  4. Few leaves of Tulsi or Basil (omit this if you do not have at home, generally all Indian homes do have this plant. You can use dried version of the leaves too.)
  5. A few drops of any Essential Oil (EO) you please – optional


Start heating water, once it starts boiling near the sides of the pan; add in the Basil and a pinch of Tea. Let it come to a boil and switch off the heat. The Tea will lend a golden hue as well as its distinct aroma. Strain this concoction. Add Honey and leave it to cool. Once warm, add the EO. Wet hair and scalp thoroughly first, then use this directly on your scalp. Yes, this is a runny cleanser. It’s meant to be like that. This portion is enough to cover the scalp. Massage well for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Follow it up with Lemon Hair Rinse (recipe here).

Here are the WHYs:

Honey’s PH balance is around 4 and our scalp’s is between 4 and 7. So being acidic in nature, honey maintains equilibrium of scalp’s oil ratio as well as fights dandruff. Honey is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal plus a great humectant. Thus, it moisturises the hair beautifully. All things we need in our shampoo for our lovely hair.

  • Black Tea on the other hand has a PH of 4.9. Again very suitable for maintaining acidic levels and pulling down bacteria formations. It also soothes any irritations on the scalp and reduces hair fall.
  • Basil is widely known for its disinfectant, germicidal and fungicidal properties. It’s a great stress buster so helps scalp in relaxing, thus more production of healthy hair. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Phytonutrients and the essential oils in it are excellent antioxidants to protect from any damages caused by free radicals.

Phew!! I’ve given you enough reasons to switch to natural and home-made cleansers. Not to mention the expense we pay to buy full of chemical shampoos.

Question your Sons!

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Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi did aptly say in his historic Independence Day speech (2014) to question your sons about their whereabouts, where they are going, when will they get back home etc to reduce the crime level against the women in our country. These disciplinary acts need to be taken up by women and for women. There is a twisted view in the way these crimes have suddenly shot up in the country. Its saddening to say that we women have brought this upon ourselves, little by little, over a long period of time. It has been a gradual bending and pushing of ourselves down in such a slow manner, over millenniums, that it has taken a toll in the recent decades.

Women were an equal and respected part of our society, similar to men. Till we had the caste system and then gender inequalities and finally female foeticide. Inch by inch, we have been giving way to these so called ‘upper hands’ to deal us in the way they please.

Moral of the story remains same: take back the power which we have so trustingly and dutifully given away as alms. Whatever said and done, a child is raised by his mother primarily. So if she instils respect, care, equality for the opposite sex, we’d never be facing this today. She should teach her son/s to be respectful and to share(mind you! not give) an equal stage with women. But NO, she being a woman first adheres to the patriarchal format brought down by traditions and does not attempt to make the men in her family face what they have wronged against. Its beyond her, you see.    

A lot has been said and done about this. Its time to take the reins and act for it. Teach sons humility and daughters strength and courage to deal with adverse situations.

BRING A CHANGE IN YOUR BRINGING UP! and you will see a huge difference in the society we live in.

The Fairer Sex, really? Showtime then!

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We’ve always been called the fairer sex and being taken advantage of too, almost all the time.  Be it the lower strata of society, where they end up penalizing women for not being docile or middle to higher sections where they expect a lot of yielding and easily accommodating to all superior and male behests. Men simply can’t stand equal or stronger women, especially in a few countries. I shall restrain myself to talking about India here. The male sentiments and patriarchy has not changes much since ages, although you will see slight moderations and maneuvers here and there. The moment she takes two steps instead of one (more allowed like a huge favor), she invites trouble.


But the worse it can get is what is happening today with rapes and the fear that they will be murdered. It is high time that this country needs stricter laws with high amount of penalizing such as hanging to death if proven or castrating the offenders. The only way it looks now is the scare and fear option to bring back the balance on the streets.


Another thing which gets me is that why do we have to be so dependant, in distress, helpless and forlorn. We blame others easily – perpetrators, law enforcement agencies, and people we know who could have helped in the situation et al. Why don’t we take measures to safeguard and protect ourselves? Walk in groups(though it is not possible always, it can be done a fair amount of times), carry a weapon to attack(pepper spray, a small stick etc) Learn a skill – martial arts, karate, taekwondo, build muscle and most important – STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES in all situations. Charity begins at home and it will take a few in-the-face spats but it is ok to learn to stand and then to walk. It’s a step-by-step procedure.


Only if we BELIEVE, we will be able TO DO IT! So make yourself not only fairer but STRONGER as well. Leave no room for offenses.