The Devil Within…

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“The Devil” – “Lucifer” – “Satan” – “Old Nick” – “Beelzebub” – “The Prince of Darkness” – “The Tempter”…sounds synonymous doesn’t it? These are but the parallels of humans. And then we have:


  • “The Devil at large” by Erica Jong
  • “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie
  • “Demons and Angels” by Dan Brown     


All these most famous works, over a period of time, singularly point at one thing in particular – that innate urge to be wicked, selfish, to unleash the dark desires trapped within. There have been numerous such instances in the past wherein such emotions have magnified the temper of situation at hand thus causing a wee bit of upheaval. But this factor, causing a riot or not, can get the taker, its desirous object.

               What makes a man execute such acts that though it might temporarily satisfy the immediate want, cannot provide him with the assurance of its credibility? Therefore leading him to commit the forsaken deed over and over again. It can be anything from simplistic acts of thieving, lying through the teeth; to sadistic pleasures such as torture – mental or physical, acts of adultery or monogamy etcetera. There are always things which man craves for, either due to its quality of mystery so that he might try it and figure out for himself, or if it’s strictly prohibited for him. Either which ways, if the willpower and control get better of the sentiment in question, it can lead to havoc and imbalance.

             Not forgetting the ever so captivating works such as, “Paradise Lost” by John Milton and more recently “The Devil and Miss Prym” by Paulo Coelho, these pieces of art echo the basic human trait as perpetually unworthy of stability and definite character. Good values, morals and ethics are inculcated as a part and parcel of life, not forgetting that it’s the marked need for acceptance in the society in which we live.

 On the retrospective, there’s always a disparity that ethical and moral behavior, though imbibed with the quality of goodness, does not fetch one the required want of the moment. So better would be to indulge in the taboo once a while to get that kick. But the problem arises when man wants to repeatedly indulge and perform the forbidden.

                 The key lies in identifying the devil within us and if it’s docile and harmless, it can be pampered once in a while. On the other hand, if the behavior is diagnosed as detrimental, the best alternative would be to have it corrected through appropriate measures. 


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