Smell of the Earth!

Ever wondered what all the Earth goes through! So many trials and hardships, yet its ever so nurturing and providing to all. It has that space deep inside of her to transform all harshness into magnificent beauty. What it does is, deep within, it burns off all the inharmonious and converts them to all acceptable new with her undying love and support.

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So we too can borrow some of the Earthiness to change our patterns. It could be anything. Simple or tricky. At its simplest best you can try taking a walk, barefoot or sit on raw ground- smell the air, the fragrance of the mud, feel textures- graininess of the particles etc. See and feel how it changes you. Your thinking will take a shift by a big leap. If you are worried, you will calm down and come up with alternative ways to act. If you are searching for solutions, then too you will barge onto some excellent options. Or if you are feeling high and good, you will retain that and share it better with your surroundings for a long time to come.

This is also because we’re mostly cooped up inside our homes or offices that we fail to recognize nature’s bounty and ways it can benefit you. We get tensed, worried and wired at a drop of a hat! 

Give it a shot, you’ll definitely feel your spirits lift up!



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