Today is a new Day!

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Always focus on the present moment. Never in the past nor in the future. It takes away quality time either ways. While planning and wishing about the future certainly makes you ambitious and a great planner, but staying around too much into it can just make you dream of the possibilities rather than getting yourself into productive action to achieve what you actually want.

Again, thinking about the future should be more on the lines of the end result, such as, seeing yourself with a brand new Mercedes for instance. Give it minor details – silver colour, watch the logo, look at it standing parked at your doorstep – rather see yourself at its wheel. But instead what we do see about the approaching time is in this manner, somewhat :

  • First, the money should come in.
  • Fulfil existing needs and demands.
  • All of us should be keen to buy a Merc, not an Aston or a Volkswagen.
  • Oh God! he would never let me buy Silver. He’s always after the Black…
  • etc etc

See yourself where you want to. Don’t plan the road, the journey, the supplies for getting there. Those will be provided by the best way possible.

Now, delving too much into the past – why it happened, why me, did it have to, what good did it serve et al, too does no good. In fact it steals the remainder of the little positive energy you are left with. As you try making sense of the why’s, what’s, who’s, the real answer will always be elusive. Just get on with the fact that it did happen. Make a check list of how it helped you after it happened than if the events had never taken place. Must have made you stronger, courageous, calmer, patient, quieter, tolerant, not to trust easily – assess the strengths it gave you. And stop there. Hovering again and again into the bygones will only relive the pain, hurt, vengeful thinking, discriminating, anger, resentment and so on.

So, choose your thoughts wisely and focus correctly! More again later…




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