“Love” – a prose…..

Image Credit: www.screativeimage.com

What is it, about it? After all…

Raw, cavernous, consuming. It gets strangely deceitful.

Desiring, possessing, stimulating and overpowering.

Scents every breath, finds itself anywhere it pleases.


Can throw you in the depths of despair; agony even.

Or pull you out of darkest miseries at its peak, and throws you right back there again.

Throes of passion unleashed; plagues your mind – incessantly.

But choose you have to, only if it lets you…


One could love anything, almost…

Calms you at one moment and agitates at the other.

It’s restless, flitting, beguiling and charming.

Swallows as a whole, splitting you into fragments.


Needs cajoling, securing, restraining too.

Rise to its glories and magnificence.

Or get betrayed by its tricks and there you down the rabbit-hole,

So choose you have to, only if it lets you…


All reasoning and logic flies out of the windows,

Makes you a daydreamer; Oh! You have to drag your mind to the present,

Charismatic, defying, grasping…

Craving proximity, bonding, hearting…


Hmmm…ever so sweet picking torment,

Throbbing wearily, anticipations and exasperations.

Never a dull moment, colours up your day

Then choose you have to, only if it lets you…


Rendering speechless often, becomes you, substantiates you,

Caressed by the winds, you can feel its warmth.

Joins the arcs, culminates into a full unison,

Mesmerising, controlling, seeking, uplifting…


Ah! Those gasps, moans, groans and drones – the Endearments;

Its endorsements and exaltations.

A close call of inundations replete,

Chalking no boundaries, breaking all barriers,

Well, choose you have to, only if it lets you…








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