Of Urges and the likes…

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Well, I have a strong urge to write. To express not only myself but what all I perceive around and about me. It’s a sense of urgency sometimes- like a let out, to channel your emotions and high-wired notes into a melodious saga of a beautifully penned words which can begin to make sense in otherwise meaningless air around you. If we don’t question the drama around us, we will never get to the root of substantial relevance and will ever be preoccupied with the common drudgery of life. This task to do and then this one next etc., robotic way of just living by moments yet not living them in entirety.

The world seems such a redundant space sometimes, the way of life actually….why do things have to be as they are. Especially, the age old traditions and cultures. Sometimes they have no meaning. We should let ourselves BE and follow our heart than be bound by standards of civilizations. Age old belief systems need to break through into newer patterns of life expansion and promotion. Though we have progressed technologically and in so many areas, what I mean is the kind of quality life needs to be appraised.

Civilization? – Civil- civility. Yes, that’s it then. All humans need to conform to certain standards marked and drawn to adhere to so that civility and integrity is maintained. There is bound to be pandemonium else. Oh God! If only he had blessed humans  with equal intelligence, intellect and humility, the Earth would be such a heavenly place. But heaven is not meant to be on earth, is it? I mean, yes, man can create it where ever he’d want to – as long as he lets go of vile and superficial traits of ego, selfishness, hatred, jealousy…the list would go on.

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So in a way, we all have to delete our previous experiences and relearn the correct way of living with dignity, love, honour, respect, self-respect(comes first always), self-love(this too), tolerance, courage in order to be build and live united in harmony, peace and abundance of wellness.

Let’s give a thought and prove with our actions to make ourselves better to fit the world.


2 thoughts on “Of Urges and the likes…

  1. Need less to say that writing was something which was sort of your forte , i am actually surprised that it has taken you sometime to recognize this trait in you or rather the lack of time which has delayed this very well written piece.. kudos

    Kindly do have more of these urges , so that we can benefit from learning a bit more of your thoughts and observations

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